Best 80’s and 90’s films


Abby Richardson, Staff

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Pull out your dvds and have a marathon of the best 80’s and 90’s films, or for some of you, y’all can pull your VHS tapes. The movies that are made today are good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same. Back then, movies had more creativity and originality,  movies today are just remakes of the ones from back then. The fashion sense was also ten times better than it is now. Here are some of the movies that rocked the 80’s and 90’s:

  • Sixteen Candles: The movie made every teen long for a romance after watching. It was a hit because so many teenagers could relate to it and it leaves the audience with the feeling that they were  in the movie with the characters.


  • E.T.: This movie was a cultural phenomenon that moved its way into people’s hearts all across the world. It isn’t just another Sci-Fi movie, it portrays the way kids enjoy their youth. E.T. is Drew Barrymore’s first successful film that brought her fame and made her into a 90’s icon.


  • Boyz N the Hood: This 90’s classic is a must see for everyone in America. It tells the story of a group of guys growing up in South Central Los Angeles. In this film, you get to see what it’s like for a man growing up in the hood and how to survive it. Controversies such as shoot-outs, gangs, and death often appear in this film.


  • Back to the future: This fantastic Sci-Fi film is one of the best movies of its decade. It tackles the struggles of bullying while also having the main character, Marty, travel back into time to the 50’s where he has to get his parents to fall in love again. It’s a fun movie that was incredibly well made.
  • The Goonies: It’s a one of a kind movie that made the whole world spin. This action movie was made to hook a young audience. The kids in the movie are hilarious, and they have such a close friendship with each other. It made the movie more relatable because they are a group of misfits.
  • Poetic Justice: Although you might have only seen the memes or clips of this movie, it is much more. A grieving girlfriend takes a trip to Oakland to attend a convention, but because of car troubles needs to ride with her best friend. Along for the ride is the best friend’s boyfriend and his friend too. The long drive makes them all grow closer together and the grieving girlfriend might just be able to open her heart again.
  • Beetlejuice: This fantastic fantasy horror film is about a couple that died in a car crash and then comes back as a ghost. They had to occupy their old house for the next fifty years to get into Heaven, but another family had lived there so the couple hired Beetlejuice to scare them out of the house. The film is another one of Tim Burton’s major successes, and Winona Ryder is in it. This is one of her many movies that did well in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Toy Story: Toy Story is an amazing movie for both adults and children. It teaches a lesson to the audience watching with the hidden meaning behind the movie. The  heartwarming animation is about genuine friendships and how to gain mutual respect and trust when in that friendship. Not to mention it makes you question what your toys do when you leave the room.
  • The Craft: The Craft is different from a lot of movies that were made in the 90’s, but only because of its subject matter. This fantasy thriller is about teenage witches who use their powers for revenge and to help themselves look better. It has a creepy ending that will give you chills. The movie beyond that was a unique film that made its way into the best 90’s movies.
  • Set It Off: One of the best girl group movies of the 90’s, “Set It Off” teaches you what a real ride or die friend is. Four girl friends set out to rob local Los Angeles, California banks after realizing they all financially need help. Through the film, you learn the struggles of each character and the stereotypes people still have for black women during that time.
  • The Neverending Story: The Neverending Story was a weird fantasy that surprisingly was enjoyed by many people. It was about a little boy saving a fantasy land from the “nothing” that was taking over. It had a different kind of vibe than the other movies coming out at that time.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: This teen coming of age movie was made to be one of the most iconic movies of it’s decade. It was so liked because of the character himself. Ferris Bueller was an outrageous and clever character that the audience felt connected to, not to mention the movies amazing sense of humor.
  • The Breakfast Club: “The Breakfast Club” is an insight of what many teenagers are thinking. They were all completely oblivious of each other until they were stuck in detention with each other. The princess, the jock, the criminal, the brain and the basket case are all iconic characters that have made an imprint in the movie world.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You: This is a one of a kind teen film. The sisters in the movie are relatable to siblings in real life as one is a popular and girly cheerleader while the other one is a proud and nonconforming feminist. The differences and conflict between them make the movie more realistic. Also, the love story in the plot is amazing and so incredibly real. This movie has taught girls to be true to themselves, and to get their voices heard.


  • Gremlins: The “Gremlins” movie is a classic that everyone has to see. It’s the perfect mix between comedy and horror with one of most adorable characters in history. Gizmo gave the movie a more interesting plot and kept the audience on their feet.