Powder Puff Game

Abby Richardson, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s that time of the year again. Powder Puff football, an event that flips the genders with the girls being the players and the guys being the cheerleaders, is a match between the senior girls and the junior girls in a good old game of flag football to see which class comes out on top.


“I think it’s fun and interesting to watch our girls go toe-to-toe and see the boys cheering them on,” Ms. Nieto, English teacher, said.


Powder Puff is a tradition that has been happening since 1945. It began at Eastern State Teachers College in Madison, South Dakota. It was when there were almost no men in school because they were all in WWII. So when the war ended and all the homecoming sports were coming up, the school was going to cancel them due to a lack of players.


Instead, the girls stepped up and suggested that they play in the boys place. Some male students weren’t too happy about the idea. A freshman boy even wrote about it in their school paper.


“The very idea of women playing football was enough to curl your teeth,” he said.


Now there are thousands of schools that play it every year and will do it for years to come.


I really enjoy being involved with my students outside the classroom in activities such as this where they are more at ease and not so stressed,” Nieto said. “It’s a time we can all have fun.”


This game has made its way into people’s hearts. Especially all of the past, present, and future players because they get to remember that memory forever. It is more than just a gender swap, it is a way for girls to show off their football abilities and prove that they can do anything boys can do. As they pack the stands with family and friends waiting to cheer them on, it is time for them to suit up for the game of their life.


The Powder Puff game will be held Thursday April 19 at 6:00 p.m.