Spring Break: Would You Rather?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Alex: Stay at home

Julian: Stay at home (Work)

Josh: Stay at home

Faduma: Stay home with my friends

Sandy: Home with friends

Tori: Stay at home with my friends

Edward: Stay with friends at home

Stephanie: Go on Vacation 

Jerald: Vacation!

Alex: Visit one of the 50 states

Julian: Out of the country

Josh: States

Faduma: Go out of the country

Sandy: Out of the country

Tori: US States

Edward: US

Stephanie: Out of the country

Jerald: Out of the country

Alex: Lake House

Julian: Lake House

Josh: Lake House

Faduma: Lake House

Sandy: Lake House

Tori: Beach Time

Edward: Lake House

Stephanie: Beach Time

Jerald: Lake House

Alex: Sleep

Julian: Sleep

Josh: Sleep

Faduma: Sleep

Sandy: Sleep

Tori: Sleep

Edward: Sleep

Stephanie: Read

Jerald: Sleep

Alex: Hang with friends

Julian: Netflix

Josh: Netflix

Faduma: Netflix

Sandy: Netflix

Tori: Netflix

Edward: Hang with friends

Stephanie: Hang with friends

Jerald: Netflix

Alex: AHS, Stranger Things, HTGAWM, or FRIENDS

Julian: AHS, Stranger Things, FRIENDS, or HTGAWM

Josh: Narcos, Stranger Things, FRIENDS, or HTGAWM

Faduma: Empire

Sandy: Stranger Things or FRIENDS

Tori: FRIENDS or Stranger Things

Edward: New Girl, FRIENDS, PLL, or OUAT

Stephanie: Vampire Diaries, FRIENDS, Stranger Things, or AHS

Jerald: AHS or Vampire Diaries

Alex: Going to the Bahamas

Julian: Bahamas hands down

Josh: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Faduma: Home just sleeping

Sandy: A trip to England

Tori: Disney World!

Edward: Any tropical beach

Stephanie: Hawaii

Jerald: Going to Denver