From the First to the Last

Freshmen face their first Homecoming dance, Seniors prepare for their last

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Students in high school are used to celebrations, but they only go to homecoming once a year.

Students that are going to homecoming this year have different experiences from those that attended last year. Due to styles, themes, and music genres, no two homecoming dances will ever be the same. For some of them, it will be their first homecoming, for others, it will be their last.

““It was great!” Valerie Campos said. “We danced all night and most of us took our shoes off because we were dancing so much.”

For those who have attended before, expectations are set high for this year’s dance. It’s the event that everyone looks forward too.

“I was talking about homecoming on the first day of school because I’m excited about this year,” Sabrina Peavy said. “This year I expect it to be even better than last year’s dance because I have better friends and we will have a good time.”

Homecoming is not just about the dance. The week leading up to the big day allows our school to showcase their school spirit, and students love the opportunity to dress up. All of the staff and students laugh at the outfits on character day.

“I like twin day because my best friend and I dress up the same every year, and character is the funniest because everyone dresses up,”Elda Rodriguez said.

As much as Homecoming is a tradition in Texas, the freshmen are new to the whole experience. They need some advice on how to handle everything that goes down in the madness and excitement of Homecoming.

“Keep going each year because you only get four,” Jade Torres said. “The games are so hype and the memories you make are amazing. Some tips are to not wear really tall heels because they will kill your feet.”

Then comes the highly anticipated Homecoming dance where music and dancing reign over the student body. As the dance winds down, students don’t want the night to end. Some of them go out to eat or some go home with their squad and have a sleepover. Anything to keep the excitement of Homecoming from ending.

“Me and my friends usually go out to eat after the game and the dance, this year we are going to waffle house because everyone else is going to be at IHOP,” Sabrina Peavy said.

When the weekend reaches its end, Homecoming once more becomes an excitement for next year or for others another beautiful high school memory. In a way, Homecoming isn’t really over because students will be talking about what happened during Homecoming for the rest of the year.

“My favorite memory is just when we are there for each other and it can’t get any better than that,” Valerie Campos said.