An Accomplishment for the Books


Abby Richardson, Staff

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Victoria Strack, freshman in college, is coming out into the world and making her mark. Strack is a  recent Cypress Falls High School graduate that just published her first book.

It took her a year in the making for it to come out. Originally a short story for a final exam in high school, Strack revised it into her book “Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain”.

It feels wonderfully chaotic,” Victoria Strack said. “I’m constantly worried about whether people like the story or not.”

To have published a book in the beginning of a person’s career is a goal that people could only hope for, but now that Strack has had that accomplishment, she looks to the future for new opportunities.

“Publishing this was a first step of sorts. I wanted to start off small,” Strack said. “I have three other large pieces”.

Strack is at the beginning of her journey that could change her whole career and she put herself out there for the readers. Strack wanted people to relate to the story just like she did.

“I will say that I relate to Harper the most- surprise, surprise,” Strack said. “I actually based her off myself, visualizing the family that she lost was my family. Honestly, I cried a lot writing this story.”

All of Victoria’s family, friends, and community are supporting her through this wonderful transition.

“I’m proud of myself, and utterly and delightfully surprised at all of the support and recognition that I am receiving,” Strack said.