Starbucks Red Cup Madness

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is year Starbucks decided to put a little spin on the holiday decorations, making their cups red. An outrage was spread by American Christians worldwide taking an offence on Starbucks decision to forgo Christmas imagery. The #MerryChristmasStarbucks movement video started by Joshua Feuerstein, went trending November 10, 2015 suggesting that customers should go and say their name is Merry Christmas there for the wouldn’t have a choice but to say it.

It’s a cup who cares what’s on it doesn’t stop anyone from buying and drinking from it anyways. People aren’t being forced to buy from Starbucks it’s a decision only you get to make. They are plenty of other places to buy coffee from. People are overreacting to the situation.

American Christians are saying that Starbucks is taking Christ and Christmas out of their brand-new cups, reasons as to why they are just plain red. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and they don’t seem to make a big deal about it.

Not everyone celebrates the same things or has the same traditions as others and that doesn’t seem to start anything. We all come from different cultures meaning we can learn something else. Leaving people with no other alternative is not what people should do. This world was made to choose freely on what they want to follow.

The ones protesting about this are adults, which should have something better to do than to cry about a cup. Just because the company decided to make a change on their holiday decorations it does not mean act like a kid having a tempt rum. Understand that there is always a little something for everyone to share and have.

People like jumping to conclusions and it ended blown out of proportion. The design and content was made to usher the holidays welcoming all the stories people had to tell. It wasn’t an attack against anyone people love the holidays, its time they get to spend with family and loved ones.

If people are really offended by this they should just stop buying from them instead of complaining on where they’re drink lands. We should just accept the fact that is after all just a plastic cup.